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Towering Skyscrapers

Colleen Kavanaugh

Chief Operating Officer

Colleen McGee Kavanaugh started her professional career at the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, and after an extensive career running a variety of different successful companies and ventures, has now come full circle and has joined CMK Development Partners as its Chief Operating Officer.

Colleen is a native of Lynn, Massachusetts, and is the daughter of former Speaker of the House Tom McGee. After a stint at MHFA, Colleen spent her career in Boston and Washington, DC, as the CEO of DCS Politics, and as the manager of a number of different statewide political campaigns. A shrewd manager, Colleen has been successful in every venture she has undertaken. She has an uncanny ability to get the most out of her employees, create cost effective strategies for success, and keep the trains running on time.

Colleen and her husband Gerry, CMK’s CEO, also founded a non-profit organization that ran after-school programs in the middle schools of New Bedford, Massachusetts, where Gerry and Colleen now live. 

Colleen is a graduate of St. John’s Prep in Danvers, one of a small group of female graduates, and also a graduate of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Colleen is the mother of two adult children and three grandchildren.

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