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Jackson Square Redevelopment

CMK has teamed up with Eric Papachristos, a renowned entrepreneur and restauranteur in the redevelopment of Jackson Square in Weymouth. Eric Papachristos owns and operates the Venetian Restaurant, and his family owns Niko’s Restaurant, both located in the heart of Lower Jackson Square.

With the cooperation and assistance of the Weymouth Planning Department, the Weymouth Town Council has rezoned the entirety of Jackson Square to allow for high quality multi-family development with first floor commercial space. Some affordability will be included in 10% of all residential units.

It is expected that new development in the Square will create a transformative, new environment for living and shopping, bringing commercial and retail space, and associated pedestrian traffic that will complement the current Lovell Field pedestrian activity. 

Since the rezoning took place, the development team has begun the design and engineering necessary to submit its plans to the Weymouth Planning Department and the Board of Zoning Appeals to obtain the special permits necessary to start construction in the last quarter of 2023


Mixed-Use Project


Jackson Square
Weymouth, MA


Construction Start:
November 2023

Estimated Completion:
July 2025

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